Tatoos and Such

I heard my 3 daughters outside giggling on the porch Sunday. You see, my oldest daughter came home Saturday from college and she brought home new ideas, more self-assurance and a ton of dirty laundry. My youngest daughter came in the house to proudly show me her newest acquisition. She had a beautiful henna tattoo on her ankle. What?

Now some of you moms out there may think it’s no big deal. But you are talking to the mom who didn’t allow her kids to watch Power Rangers because of the violence. I overwatched everything and anything my two oldest did. They still tease me to this day.

However, the years and more children have loosened me up and at times, have softened my hard and fast rules. I listen more and try to talk less. I try to laugh with them and enjoy each of my five. Who knows? I may get one?…not.

“Photo courtesy of dreamglow pumpkincat2 (Creative Commons)

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  1. Jenni

    Letting go is so hard! At least the henna will wash away. Maybe she's preparing you for when she gets a permanent one? 🙂

  2. Jan

    Jenni, You are SO not funny! as I'm laughing so hard that my kids came over and asked what was I laughing about.

  3. faceispretty

    looks good, Mom. the henna is just a fun experience. it's good to experience new things. and yeah, henna just wipes away. no biggie 😉

  4. jennifer

    Cool picture!

  5. Julie

    I do like the picture. Placing it at the front is a great interest-grabber, too. A nice hook if you will.

    Sounds like you raised a great kid. Henna tatoos sound fun and responsible. Give it a try, Jan, you might have fun with it too!

  6. Patricia

    yeh, let go…it's only henna, and…would it be so bad if it wasn't?

    Oh and… maybe we could get one together!


  7. motherlogue

    Fun post! Amazing what gets less important as there are more kids in the family.

  8. Su-sieee! Mac

    Hey Jan, fellow Blogathoner. Look, we made it to our fourth straight day. That's definitely a feat for me. I appreciate the peek you've given me into your life as a writer and mom. 🙂

  9. Jan

    Thanks, Motherlogue for stopping by.

    Susiee, Let's visit back and forth. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts. Keep it up.

  10. Jennifer Gregory

    Great post! It is so hard to let go. I wanted to buy a pair of crazy shoes for my daughter, but my hubby wasn't ready to let go and get the big girl shoes for her yet.

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