Laugh with Your Happy Friends

My sweet hubby announced that he had lost more weight. Did he say more? I tried to sound happy, smiled, and said, “That’s great honey!” And I grumbled in my head that I can’t seem to give up the hot fudge or the ice cream. My skirts are tighter and summer is a ‘coming.

Why is it so hard sometimes to rejoice with others when they announce their good news? It’s easy to put on a smile but I want my heart to sing with others when they share their newest goal. I want to stand up and applaud.

When I’m feeling grumpy insecure, I need to go back and look at what is important in my life. My family and friends, my faith; all make my life richer. I want to be the encouraging friend and the cheerleader wife. Choose to laugh with them.

Don’t call me tonight, we’ll be out shopping for clothes and that’s okay.

7 responses to “Laugh with Your Happy Friends”

  1. jennifer



    Hi Jan,
    Thanks for taking a peek at my blog! You're so in touch with what's important in life. And I think once we really embrace those things, everything else becomes a whole lot easier!


  3. motherlogue

    Oh, those sundaes! They do tempt us, don't they. Good for you for keeping perspective. Looking forward to your 30 days of posts!

  4. Jenni

    Oh, yes. Summer IS a coming, and I have two reunions on the docket, to boot. Thanks for reminding me to shift my thinking–and good for you for taking on the daily challenge!

  5. Jan

    Thanks, Christa,
    I'll keep checking on your blog. Thanks for stopping by and come back.

  6. Jan

    Motherlogue and Jenni, You both are the best. I'll keep sending questions.

    And thank you for cheering me on!

  7. Quicksilver Girl

    Jan, I'm enjoying your blog. Do you have a guest exchange set up already?

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