Word Count Blogathon

I get frustrated with my kids when they don’t tell me they have a question on their Math page. I open the workbook and see an empty spot where there should be some numbers, some equation…something. Yet, it’s blank.

However, if I checked every day, then there would be less blank spots. Not that there are many. But there are one or two. Yet, how different am I when I’m not writing. How different am I when I don’t have someone checking on me and encouraging me to write?

And that’s why I joined Word Count Blogathon, where I am committed to blog every day for the month of May.

Welcome, and I’m glad you came by.

2 responses to “Word Count Blogathon”

  1. Jennifer Gregory

    Great job signing up for the Blogathon! Very excited for you.

  2. mymorningchocolate.com

    Hi Jan,

    Good luck with the Blogathon! I'm glad there are 100 of us doing this together. I'd love to read more about homeschooling. I'm kind of curious about the dynamic, how your days are structured, etc. It's a fascinating topic!

    Looking forward to more posts!


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