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Growing An Oak

Are you concerned about one of your kids? Sometimes I worry about a certain character trait in one of my kids or a behavior issue in another. Recently I was reminded about the farmer and his level of patience he needs to produce a crop. He doesn’t grow anything overnight and what he does grow […]

Making Mistakes

When life slows down for a few minutes here and there, I ponder my kids and my parenting. When I was a very young mom, I thought I could “mold” my kids into perfect children. Well, almost twenty two years later I laugh about this lie that I believed. I also think about what I […]

Taking Care of Our Self

As moms, often we aren’t good at taking care of ourselves. We always put our kids ahead of our needs which is normal when they are young and helpless. Yet, our kids seem to grow up, and we still forget to take care of our self. This weekend, I got back from the Willamette Writer’s […]

Why Sheepies?

When I started the blog, I purposely didn’t write about my faith because as I shared before, it’s going through a metamorphosis. For a while it was easy to sit back and rely on the verses I knew and rely on my small theology but I felt like a fake. I’m so worried about doing […]

Got a Schedule?

Yesterday my two youngest daughters wrote up a schedule from 11 AM – 6 PM.  Brainstormed ideas filled in the slots. Their day consisted of quiet reading, art, exercise, lunch, play an inside game, dance, a spy game, outside water games, painting toenails, computer time and dinner. There was no fighting. It was very quiet […]

Have You Been Creative Today?

When I was young, I somehow connected the idea of being creative with the ability to draw. And of course, I had an older brother who could draw whatever he saw. Sadly, my drawing ability consisted of stick figures and doodles. So I grew up thinking I wasn’t creative because I couldn’t draw. Academics became […]

An Answer to Jealousy

Jealousy can be such an ugly feeling. I’ve spent too much of my life being jealous over a variety of people and situations. What I’ve come to recently realize is when I feel jealous of someone, there is something in my life that I’m not happy with. Are they doing something that I want to […]

Just Perfect

On a rainy day in the NW, what could be better than sitting on the couch with sleeping youngest child, oldest playing awful video games in room next door, one off to work, music in middle child’s room, and the other one…well I don’t know where that child is. And with no goal in mind […]


Definition: In physics, the property or tendency of a moving object to continue moving. Currently, I have none…Momentum, that is. Participating in the blogathon required me to write daily and to be honest, the prizes were an additional incentive. I blogged every day for 31 days. I can’t remember when I’ve been that diligent with […]